Building Success. Building Hope.

Miscellaneous Staffing  is a 501 c 3 fully integrated workforce program in the Kansas City, MO
Miscellaneous Staffing offers Hard Skills Job Training and Certifications, as well as Soft
Skills seminars
State accredited under Higher Education and Workforce Development, WIOWA
Miscellaneous Staffing has over 150 employers in the city and 15 Allied Trade partners
Bi-annual Job Fairs
Recruitment and employment services for mission candidates and other
skilled workers
Retention services
Transportation Services or Employees without means of transportation
Diversity Inclusion Practices


Provide flexible staffing during peak periods, vacations/holidays,
short-term projects, and one-time-only jobs.
Try before you buy it. Assess an employee at your location to see if
he/she has the skills and work ethic to fit into your organization
before making an offer to increase hiring success.
Direct hire
Find the right people, quickly and cost-effectively. As one of the
most experienced staffing firms in the country, We can quickly and
accurately fill even the most challenging positions.
Choose the temporary employees you wish to add to our payroll. We
manage the administrative details and take on all employment risks.
You’re free to focus on your business goals.

Job Seekers

Miscellanous Staffing takes pride in providing top jobs with our very own top employees.